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Preventing Computer Eye Strain

Jennifer Street works for Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center in Farmington, says, “These are great if you don’t wear prescription glasses. However, if you do wear prescription glasses, asking your eye doctor to add anti-reflective (AR) coating to your regular prescription glasses will have the same effect.  Adding AR to a prescription lens will also remove that halo effect you see around the headlights in oncoming traffic when driving at night.  My favorite AR coating is Crizal.  Actually adding AR coating will help your acuity too, since it allows more light into your lens.  Just my two cents coming from the wife of an eye doctor and having worked on the optical side too.” Jennifer also provided the link below for more information on AR coating,  Thanks Jennifer!

Sherry Hunter, Executive Assistant of University Physician Associates in Kansas City, agrees with Jennifer, just because you wear prescription eye glasses, doesn’t mean you can’t get the same ‘blue light’ benefits. She even has the anti-reflective coating added to her prescription sunglasses.

I’m a prescription eyeglass wearer myself and I will be adding the AR to my next pair of glasses for sure. Until then, I will continue to wear the GAMMA RAY 900s I purchased on to wear over my contacts after returning from the last conference. My headaches reduced SIGNIFICANTLY in intensity and duration immediately.  I absolutely love them and definitely notice a difference on the rare occasions I wear my prescription glasses to work.

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