Is Managing Up for Me? (1/18)

Each of us have different job descriptions and set different goals.  One item that is most likely characteristic to each of us is that we are to make our executive’s job easier.  Click here for  – Harvard Business Review published an article in 2014 titled “What Executive Assistants Know About Managing Up”  by Nicole Torres.

Even though it was written in 2014, there is much to gain from reading this article.  Questions written about are:

  1. What does someone who spends all of his time managing up have to teach someone who spends only some time thinking about managing up?
  2. What sets executive assistants apart from employees or team members trying to manage up? Is it that assistants are managing someone else’s life and employees aren’t really doing that?
  3. How can the rest of us create similar partnerships with our bosses?
  4. What are the top skills that make an executive assistant successful? And do those apply to other employees?
  5. If a person is trying to make the boss’s job a little easier, should she act the role of the assistant? Could that backfire or would it help an employee who is trying to manage up?
  6. You said in your HBR article that executive assistants have to step out of their comfort zone and that executives have to be willing to delegate. Is gaining trust a challenge?
  7. Are the boundaries different for other employees and their bosses? An assistant would be expected to pick up the phone at 10 p.m., but what about another employee?
  8. Do you think in general women are better at managing up than men?
  9. You also wrote in your piece that finding out about the temperament of an executive prior to accepting a position is very important, as well as stating clearly while you’re interviewing how you expect to be treated. Is that particularly true for executive assistants because of the relationship?