YOU – As a Resource for Your Executive (1/18)

Our executives must be on top of their game everyday.  They must have knowledge of the most current issues in healthcare.

The AmericanCollege of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) publishes the Journal of Healthcare Management and perhaps your executive is a member and receives the journal.  But do they really have time to read it?

Thoughts on how you can assist:

  1. when the journal arrives; skim through the table of contents for the most current topics and flag those that would be of current ]value based on activities in your organization.  U*se green flags for ‘read me now’ and yellow for ‘when I have time to read’.
  2. join an RSS feed to receive up to date articles and news that is trending in healthcare.
  3. be aware of what your executive’s projects are – and help them succeed.

Here is a link to Journal of Healthcare Management most popular articles.