Spring Clean Your Workspace (4/18)

This article is right up my alley for sure.  I have no less than 3 nice black file baskets on my desk holding project files sorted by date and continually rotate in and out. Never a dull  moment around here for sure!

Then I have a black three slot stack rack with the pretty file folders I use frequently.   Then of course, the small metal container of message pads, calendar pages, scrape pads (highly essential stuff) which gets caught in my mouse cord.  Oh there is more stuff too on this small cubicle space – dymo label writer, pencil cup, paperclip cup, phone and headset charging station, 2 monitors, stapler, tape dispenser and file punch, keyboard and wrist rest.  18 separate items on cubicle desk top – wow, I had never counted before.

Perhaps I need to read this article pretty thoroughly.   Click here for 6 Steps to Spring Clean Your Workspace and Boost Productivity from USNEWS.com