#HOSPITALWEEK See What Was Done For A Week Of Thanks!

During National Hospital Week, we raise awareness of the importance of hospitals and health systems within their communities. We are asking our members to join in this effort to help celebrate National Hospital Week and the great work that goes on every day in America’s hospitals. We thank each one of you for contributing in the success of our hospitals!

Now, more than ever, this important week gives us all the opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting the needs of their community members during this pandemic. With that in mind, this year’s celebration of hospitals, health systems and health care workers is taking the form of “A Week of Thanks”, where people can participate from the safety and comfort of their homes while health care heroes go to work fighting against COVID-19. Join us and help say thanks.

Join us for A WEEK OF THANKS:

  • Sunday Sales: Highlight all the discounts for front line caregivers.
    • It’s the first day of National #HospitalWeek! Many companies around the country are offering discounts to #healthcareheroes in need. Let’s help them spread the word – share this link: www.100millionmasks.org/discounts
  • Send-a-Meal Monday: Help provide a meal to a local health care hero (or their family).
  • Tune Into Tuesday: Hit shuffle and show us your dance moves.
  • #WednesdayWisdom: Take part in this social trend and share a message of positivity with your community.
    • Join us & @ahahospitals to give health care workers an inspirational, energy-boosting message today to celebrate National #HospitalWeek and our incredible #healthcareheroes! #WednesdayWisdom
    • Share your messages of wisdom and resilience using #WednesdayWisdom. Tag the hospitals and health system you want to support.
  • Thank You Thursday: Share pics of chalk art (or any art!) thanking health care heroes.
    • Today, we’re celebrating National #HospitalWeek by saying “Thank You!” Show us the cool and creative ways you’ve said thanks to your local health care workers.
    • Take a moment today to thank your local #healthcareheroes. Draw a picture or simply write a message of thanks. Don’t forget to tag us so we can share! #HospitalWeek
  • Face Mask Friday: Show us how you mitigate the spread of germs with your face mask.
    • It’s Face Mask Friday! Show us and @ahahospitals how you mitigate the spread of germs with a pic of your face mask. #HospitalWeek
    • #Healthcareheroes need #PPE. Help them get connected with manufacturers who can help by using the Health Equip app. Learn more: https://www.healthequip.com #100MillionMasks
    • National #HospitalWeek is the perfect time to join the #100MillionMasks Challenge. Learn more at www.100millionmasks.org and help connect #PPE with #healthcareheroes who need it.
  • Share the Love Saturday: Show your support by donating to ‘Protect the Heroes’.
    • Health care workers need our help. Share the love this #HospitalWeek and help those who are helping us – donate to your local hospital today to provide much-needed support for those on the front lines of COVID-19. www.protecttheheroes.org #ProtectTheHeroes
    • Your donation can make a real difference to the workers on the front lines of COVID-19. Get connected with your local hospital and give today. www.protecttheheroes.org #ProtectTheHeroes #HospitalWeek
    • We’re wrapping up National #HospitalWeek with Share the Love Saturday. Send your gratitude to our #healthcareheroes and help provide needed resources via #ProtectTheHereos: www.protecttheheroes.org