Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Sharing Appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day (April 27) and Beyond.

If you’re looking for ways to honor your Administrative Professional try one of these ideas:

  • A kind word.  Take time to let your Administrative Professional know how valuable they are to you and your organization.
  • Rest and relaxation — Administrative professionals work very hard for others and sometimes put themselves on the back burner. Give them some flexibility to take time off for themselves. Give them a day at the spa or time off just to take a walk to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Professional Development-Offer your Administrative Professional time to take professional development classes or webinars.
  • Growth Opportunities-Let them take on new challenges that they would like to oversee.
  • Flowers-Find out what their favorite flower is and having it sitting on their desk all week.  Flowers always brighten a day!
  • Lunch-Take them to their favorite restaurant for lunch.  Let them choose, then let them half the rest of the day off!

No matter what the gesture, big or small, your Administrative Professional will appreciate your gratitude!