Wellness Tips

Taking care of your wellness is important.  As an assistant, you are busy helping others, however you need to take care of yourself so you CAN help others. This page will have suggestions and links to help you with your wellness.


This site has a calendar to make suggestions on little things to do everyday to help with your wellness.  Put some happiness and sunshine into each day. There is also an app you can put on your phone from this site to help.













Now that we are required to wear a mask while performing certain everyday tasks and news about COVID-19 everywhere, you or someone you know may be experiencing mask anxiety. According to an article in Psychology Today, following are some tips to help manage mask anxiety.

  1. Remind yourself that masks are safe
  2. Focus on your breathing and take long, slow breaths
  3. Choose a style less likely to provoke anxiety or use a face shield instead
  4. Make mask wearing fun by personalizing or decorating your mask.

While wearing a mask may not bother you, be sensitive to those around you who may be struggling.

~Submitted by Brenda Bell






Weight loss seems to be more of a challenge these days.  Here is some suggestions to help you with your goals. Click here to view.