Welcome to the MHCEA website – 2023 edition!

POTENTIAL MEMBERS: Becoming a member of MHCEA has perks! Fun, encouragement, inspiration and education are some of them.

  • The Annual Conference held in the spring is our greatest opportunity for learning.
  • Free educational opportunities via webinar’s are available throughout the year for members.

If you are looking for inspiration and support from peers, district meetings might be for you. They are generally held twice per year in your area of the state. They often include educational topics, information sharing and a meal.

Connecting with other healthcare executive assistants is valuable. We strive to help, teach and encourage each other through our connections.

 Here is a link to the application. We look forward to meeting you!

If you would like more information about MHCEA and membership please contact:

Darla Shipman
[email protected]
Phone: 573-893-3700, ext. 1332
Fax: 573-893-7603
Tammy Siebert
[email protected]
Phone: 573-893-3700, ext. 1388
Fax: 573-893-7603